Vehicle Graphic Maintence

NOTE: It is recommended that you wait at least 3 weeks before washing your new vehicle graphics

This is the preferred method of care for your vehicle graphics. The following steps will help maintain your vehicle graphics for an optimum time period:

  • Rinse the vehicle graphics with clean water to remove any loose dirt. A trigger-based hose nozzle is ideal for this situation.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent (no solvents)
  • Use a soft brush, rag or sponge
  • Wash the vehicle graphics from top to bottom
  • Keep a steady stream of water flowing on the vehicle graphics to rinse away detergent solution
  • Let the vehicle graphics air dry or use a microfiber cloth
  • Apply liquid wax at least once a year. Preferably every 6 months if possible.
  • NEVER apply carnauba-based wax on your vehicle graphics. However, nano carnauba products are safe because the harmful solvents have been removed.
  • AVOID unnecessary scrubbing
  • ALWAYS read the warning labels on car care products
  • AVOID using ammonia or bleach-based cleaners such as Windex, Fantastic, or 409
  • NEVER use acetone or xylene-based cleaners such as Goof Off

Vehicle graphics can be power or pressure washed with care. The material can be damaged however if water is allowed to soak underneath them. To avoid adhesion failure (lifting, peeling, and curling of the vinyl), follow these important instructions:

  • Wash your vehicle from front to back
  • Use a fan tip spray nozzle with an approximate stream width of 40°
  • Make sure the nozzle has a tip guard
  • Use a pressure system that operates between 800 and 2,000 psi
  • If the system is heated, limit the water temperature to 180°F
  • Keep the nozzle at least 12” away from the graphic surface
  • Use extreme care when aiming the stream toward graphic edges. Exaggerated spray angles can cause areas to lift.
  • NEVER use a turbo pressure nozzle
  • NEVER power or pressure wash perforated window vinyl

Using these methods is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED due to the possibility of brushes or excessive pressure catching a loose edge and causing significant damage. The finish of your vehicle graphics can also be greatly compromised by this process due to the physical contact and chemicals being used.

The following suggestions are in conjunction with the above information:

  • DO NOT allow fuel or gasoline to stay in contact with your vehicle graphics. Clean all spills with an isopropyl alcohol or citrus cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with soap and water.
  • DO NOT use an ice scraper to remove snow or ice from any area where vehicle graphics have been applied. Rear defrost systems are safe and should be used instead.
  • NEVER use rear window wipers on non-lainated perforated graphics. However, rear window wipers can be used on laminated perforated graphics.
  • AVOID rolling windows down that have perforated graphics applied to them

Warranty Information

NOTE: Warranty must be registered within 30 days of purchase in order for a claim to be approved.
Click Here or follow the link in the e-mail you received to register your product.

Manufactures warranty on the following materials are specified for the Midwest Region. The warranty period for Desert Southwest Regions is typically less. See the 'Vehicle Graphic Maintence' section to avoid nullifying your warranty. Neglecting to alert us about cracking or peeling as soon as possible may result in the warranty being voided. Damage caused by vandalism, wind, rain, hail, sleet or any act of God is not covered. However, insurance companies in many instances offer coverage for damaged vehicle graphics. Owners who store their vehicles in covered parking stalls or in a garage at night, in conjunction with proper cleaning and care, may see their graphics last as long as 7 years or more.

Horizontal Surfaces (Hood, Roof, and Spoiler)

  • Vehicle graphics are warranted against excessive fading, discoloration, and blistering for 2 years with proper care as outlined in the 'Vehicle Graphic Maintence' section

Vertical Surfaces (Driver’s Side, Passenger's Side, Rear Hatch, and Bumpers)

  • Vehicle graphics are warranted against excessive fading, discoloration, and blistering for 5 years with proper care as outlined in the 'Vehicle Graphic Maintence' section

Perforated Window Graphics

  • Window graphics are warranted against peeling, excessive fading and cracking for 1 year with proper care as outlined in the “Vehicle Graphic Care Sheet”
  • Windows that move or slide are not warranted against peeling or abrasions if they have not been cut back from the gaskets and sealed with a laminate-based tape
  • Graphics that are exposed to window wipers are not warranted against peeling or abrasions unless they have been laminated


  • Workmanship by Design8 Studios is warranted against peeling, cracking or lifting for 2 years with proper care
  • Graphics that are provided to and installed by the client are not covered against lifting or peeling
  • Repairs and replacements will be done by Design8 Studios at their facility, otherwise arrangements will be made with a local installer in the clients area. Damaged areas will be trimmed back, patched in, or replaced if needed.
  • Altering or tampering with your vehicle graphics prior to installation will result in the warranty being voided


  • Graphics that are removed prior to the end of the warranty period are guaranteed not to damage OEM-painted surfaces. However, material that is removed after the warranty period may cause damage and is not guaranteed.
  • Surfaces that are not covered with OEM paint are not under warranty
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